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Nintendo GameBoyWelcome to the links section, here you will find direct links to many other Nintendo Game Boy emulator home pages, public domain ROMs, emulation news and resources. Please note we do not link directly to sites containing copyrighted ROMs and do not condone the promotion of such websites, do not email the webmaster asking for ROMs or links to ROMs.

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Richard's Homepage A site full of emulators including KiGB running in Mac OS ported by Richard Bannister. He also makes most of them 'Carbonized'.
EmuUnlim A great news site with so many hosted resources you simply wouldnt want to catch the latest anywere else on the net - visit it today. Oh, they also host me by the way.
PDROMS You can find more than 200 Gameboy and Gameboy Color public domain ROMs here.
GameBoy Dev'rs News & info related to GameBoy software & hardware development.
Linux Emu A news site on emulation specific to Linux. You may find useful utilities and articles in it.
RETRO den A site contains a catalogue of several hundred verified GBx games by Anna Kubisty. You can view all the info about the games online. You can also view them offline by downloading her little but wonderful program Pocket GBx. Did I mention that this program works with KiGB?








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