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..Downloads : Before You Begin

Nintendo GameBoyWelcome to the download area, before you go zooming to the files we recommend that you download and install the following programs:

Winzip (For PCs) / Stuffit Expander (For Apple Macintosh/Solaris)

KiGB for MS Windows and MS-DOS is released in popular ZIP file format. KiGB for Linux is released in gzipped tar file format. In any case, it needs to be uncompressed before you can enjoy the emulator.

KiGB is a freeware. If you do use the program on a regular basis, please consider making a small donation to encourage future development. You can do this by clicking the following button:

KiGB for Mac OS can be found in here.

Web sites wishing to redistribute my software are politely requested to link to this page.

..The Files

File Name

KiGB v2.05 MS Windows port.
KiGB v2.03 MS-DOS port.
KiGB v2.02 Linux port (Sorry, no v2.03 yet).
Stunt Race FX A wonderful demo by Elmar Krieger, which you can't imagine a Gameboy can do that. It is a pity the projcet was banned.








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