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Nintendo GameBoy Welcome to the official web site of KiGB - the most accurate and free portable emulator for Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Super Gameboy for Windows, Linux and MS-DOS. A Mac OS port is done by Richard Bannister and is available here. The latest release is v2.05 (2008-6-11). Click here to see the changes.

Scott Nash and I have completed the project to improve the compatibility and accuracy of KiGB. We have tested all the games and demos in the GoodGBX V2.02 ROM set (over 6,000). We are confident that KiGB is the most compatible and accurate GB/GBC/SGB emulator ever. I would like to thank Anna Kubisty for her kind assistance in the project.

4x4 World Trophy, Carmageddon, Color Panel Demo and multicart games among others are first emulated perfectly in KiGB. See the compatibility page for results on the compatibility tests on KiGB and 4 most popular and highly-rated emulators, namely, VisualBoyAdvance, bgb, no$gmb and TGB Dual.

Besides compatibility, KiGB is the only one that can allow you to play most 2-player games over a TCP/IP network. Others can only allow you to play on the same PC. Other special features (click here for a full list) are:

  • In SGB mode, up to 4 players can be supported
  • Support of the game "Gameboy Camera" (without the camera functions)
  • Per-game configuration such that each game can have its own custom palettes (GB only), key mapping, etc.
  • Support Gameboy Printer.
  • Support boot ROM for GB.
  • Simulate boot ROM for GBC.
  • Support an experimental graphics effect: shadow. See the following screen shots:
    Shadow 0 Shadow 1 Shadow 2 Shadow 3 Shadow 4

  • The first to support the "Demotronic Trick". See the following screen dumps for the differences (first row no support):
    No support 1 No support 2 No support 3 No support 4 No support 5

    Here is the trick (same as the real GBC):
    Support 1 Support 2 Support 3 Support 4 Support 5

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    KiGB V2.05 Released!
    Posted By: Ricky Liu | Dated: Wednesday, June 11, 2008
    This version supports MBC6 (partially) and fixes the graphics glitches in Donkey Kong Country. The only MBC6 game known is Net de Gate: Mini Games @ 100 for GBC. Thanks Toshi for providing the MBC6 information.








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